Carbon Offset Programs

Utilities Calculated

As much as we may try to limit our energy use with efficient appliances, taking shorter showers, etc., there is still a draw on the power plant and carbon emissions associated with our lifestyle.

Balancing your energy is as simple as grabbing your utility bill – or bills if your home energy services are not combined – and plugging in a couple of numbers.

To calculate electricity, find the kilowatt hours (KWH) used over the billing cycle you wish to balance. For gas, find the Hundred Cubic Feet (CCF).

Not sure where to start? According to the US Energy Information Administration, Coloradans use an average of 706 kilowatt hours in homes each month and 110.9 therms of gas which is 110 CCF.

Step 1: Calculate

  • KWH (Kilowatt Hours - Electric)
    CCF (Hundred Cubic Feet - Gas)

Step 2: Your Contribution