MER, Kids on Bikes, and Pedal Station Offset A Year of Utility Use


Mountain Equipment Recyclers (MER), Kids on Bikes, and Pedal Station share a brick-and-mortar storefront in Colorado Springs. Together, they get people of all ages outside by offering recycled outdoor equipment for purchase, bikes and bike parts, and a place to do bike repair.

They are focused on sustainability and community, which means the carbon offset program is a great fit for them. As a storefront, their carbon footprint rests in their utility use, which is how they decided to calculate their impact.

“Our mission is based in sustainability and community support, and this carbon offset program supports both those causes. We calculated our donation to ERC based on our average monthly electric and gas usage extrapolated over the year,” Ryan Gentges told us after they made their donation.

The donation they made will go towards the equipment and labor necessary to make homes around Colorado more energy-efficient. This work is done for free for income-qualified families in 27 Colorado counties and can include new appliances, insulation work, weather-sealing, and more. On average, the work stops 3,755 lbs of carbon from entering the atmosphere, per year. It also saves money by lowering the utility for the household.  A family lives more comfortably, and we all breathe easier.

Thank you, MER, Kids on Bikes, and Pedal Station!

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