Balance Your Carbon. Impact Your Community.

Carbon Cut Colorado is your tool to balance your carbon footprint. 100% of donations power the work of Energy Resource Center, a Colorado-based nonprofit. 

Energy Resource Center provides FREE energy efficiency upgrades to homes of income-qualified families across 27 counties in the state. These upgrades reduce the demand on coal-fired power plants and prevent harmful carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. 

When you give to Energy Resource Center through Carbon Cut Colorado, you are doing your part to reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, while cutting your personal impact.

Why Balance Your carbon
with energy resource center

Average reduction of CO2
emitted per home per year
0 pounds
Average reduction of gas
used per home per year
0 therms
Average reduction of
electricity required
per home per year
0 killowat hours

Your carbon balance means a decrease in the overall carbon footprint of our state. We use your donation to provide free energy-efficiency upgrades to income-qualified families. When homes operate more efficiently, we can all breathe easier. 

How it works

Step 1

Choose a pre-calculated package or enter your own data to see how your carbon impact adds up. Find out more about how we calculate here.

Step 2

Complete your donation. Your donation will be used to provide energy efficiency upgrades for income-qualified candidates.

Step 3

Stay balanced! The more you balance, the more work can be done to cut carbon in Colorado.

Choose an option

You can choose to balance your carbon impact through miles traveled by car, a flight, your utility bill or a custom package. Select your option to begin.

About us

Reducing carbon and helping our neighbors since 1979.

Carbon Cut Colorado is a program of Energy Resource Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit with offices in Loveland, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Alamosa. We serve 26,134 square miles across 27 counties. Since 1979, we’ve helped thousands of Colorado families keep their homes safe, warm and energy efficient. Each donation is used to fund programs that help low-income families receive the energy upgrades they need, free of charge. These upgrades reduce the carbon released into the atmosphere from each home, and reduce the demand on power plants. Every year, we prevent about 3.4 million pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere through home energy upgrades.

In addition to carbon reduction, we annually save our clients approximately $300,000 in utility costs, allowing them to afford other life essentials such as food and medication. These energy efficiency improvements also protect families from risks associated with Colorado winters, such as exposure to dangerously low temperatures or carbon monoxide poisoning. ERC’s work positions at the intersection of environmentalism, human services, affordable housing, environmental justice, climate resiliency and home safety. Find more details about our services here.